Will the mobile network improve after Quality of Service Inquiry by ZICTA?

Who doesn’t own a mobile phone these days? Almost everywhere you look someone has a phone or two maybe three for good measure. The increased country usage is thanks to the mobile network operators namely MTN, Airtel and Zamtel who are ensuring we are all connected. However, if you happen to be on any of these networks, at one point if not more you would have experienced network problems.

The most common yet laughable example is trying to look for a spot to catch good reception in areas that are supposedly have good network coverage.  This is applicable for some when downloading something using data. Several mobile phone subscribers have expressed displeasure through social media on the quality of service offered compared to how much it costs.

So the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has organized a Quality of Service (QoS) inquiry for the three mobile network operators. The platform is set to bring both the public and network operators in one room to discuss the service delivery from both sides.

Source ZICTA: Quality of Service Inquiry Public Notice

Curious on the possible outcomes of the event? We are too, because on several occasions subscribers of the three mobile network operators have lodged complaints to ZICTA on the quality of service, but so far it seems not much has changed.

Possible Expectation from the inquiry meeting

  • Few members of the public will attend the forum. Reason being you have to get in touch with the call centre to register, so most likely you not will make the effort.
  • The mobile network operators will highlight the challenges they are facing and what they are yet to do, at a later stage or what they are working on so far to improve the service delivery.
  • Each of the mobile network operators will promise possible changes in quality of service delivery. The results of the assurance will be proven hopefully at a later stage.
  • The promise of quality of service delivery will only lead to hiked prices before we receive any assurance of raised issues.
  • The hope that the network operators will listen to their subscribers and change does happen soon.
  • ZICTA pushes the network operators to improve their services, otherwise face consequences.

This is the first time such a thing has happened in Zambia, let’s hope the outcome of the meeting will bring about positive change.

We all look forward to the feedback and what responses we will get from the three network operators.


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Author: Levy Syanseke

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