Why World Summit Awards Are Needed for the Web

Good e-content makes good sense. It is very essential to understand the requirements before doing anything that needs an application. Having the right knowledge can boost your confidence. It is particularly exciting to announce the World Summit Awards call for applications which is now open for 2015 because the process is simplified and it makes sense.

The World Summit Awards (WSA) promotes smart content for smart people and awards creative minds who contribute to a knowledge society.

You may question my excitement especially when I have nothing to do with the initiative. It is just particularly joyful to discover something that is sieving the global stage for good e-content.

Yes, it’s all about e-content, so pay attention because the next little bit matters the most. The reasoning behind the WSAs is that since our world is almost entirely connected, quality e-content has become difficult to find. Therefore, WSA’s aim is to find the best and to showcase it. If there was a voting option this is where we would shamelessly plug and say please vote for MANIC but the selection criteria is different.

First of all, there are eight categories to submit applications, namely:

  1. Government & Open Data
  2. Health & Environment
  3. Learning & Science
  4. Entertainment & Lifestyle
  5. Culture & Tourism
  6. Media & News
  7. Business & Commerce
  8. Inclusion & Empowerment

Worry not, there seems to be enough room for consideration and quite possibly emerging winner in your respective category of entry!

The perks are not just for the winners even nominees get to greatly benefit. Check out more details here.

The main evaluation criteria for best practice in e-Contents and applications as outlined on the WSA website is as follows:

  • Quality and comprehensiveness of content
  • Ease of use: functionality, navigation and orientation
  • Value added through interactivity and multimedia
  • Quality of design (aesthetic value of graphics / music or sounds)
  • Quality of craftsmanship (technical realisation)

How to participate is simple. Step one involves a national pre-selection coordinated by the WSA national expert. In this case, the national expert for Zambia is Silumesii Maboshe from Bongohive. To participate in WSA 2015, contestants have to get in contact with their national expert. He then nominates and submits the country’s eight best projects – one in each contest category. Step two is the grand jury and step three is the WSA World Congress.

Visit the official website for more details and to view information on previous winners to give you an idea of what calibre your entry should be. Best wishes.

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Author: Imanga

Founder and Managing Editor of MANIC

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