We Keep Moving by Lulu Haangala Featuring Monica Musonda & Julie-Anne Uggla

Women are intricate creatures who are lovable in every sense! One thing that has become clear historically, presently, and futuristically is that women need to support each other, one another or however you choose to put it. In any sense, the world needs women to function. So, when Dagon Media puts on a show hosted by Lulu Haangala about women entrepreneurs featuring Monica Musonda and Julie-Anne Uggla, why wouldn’t you pay attention?

The We Keep Moving (#wekeepmoving) event was held on Saturday on May 9th. The initiative was engendered by Lulu’s own personal hashtag of #wekeepmoving which has grown to become a source of inspiration for many women and men alike.


Monica Musonda and Julie-Anne Uggla were invited to share their distinct yet similar entrepreneurial journeys. Both women are business powerhouses with a mission to follow their dreams no matter what. Who better to interview them than Lulu Haangala a powerhouse and well-known Zambian female personality in her own right. Ceasar Siwale, Chief Executive Officer of Pangaea Securities, was also present to show his support.

The three women shared their insights on what it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed in the 21st century. The resulting discussion produced the We Keep Moving 10 point plan as outlined below:

THE #WeKeepMoving 10 POINT PLAN

What it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed in the 21st Century

  1. Find the gap in the market.Be knowledgeable about the world you live in to discover what you market wants and needs.
  2. Do you due diligence
  3. Find the passion in your gut
  4. Have confidence
  5. Start small
  6. Have a good team.Pick the right people and don’t be afraid to surround yourself with successful people
  7. Your network is your net worth.Share ideas and look for collaboration
  8. Always have funding.Funding is good validation that your idea is bankable but be smart about the paperwork and fine print
  9. Have clarity.Keep asking yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing
  10. Give back.You will do much better if you give back that is why it is important to have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

BONUS point! Don’t be afraid to fail or change course.

Image credit: Lulu Haangala Fanpage 

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Author: Imanga

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