Unpacking Blogging for Zambia

Bloggers understand that your attention span is limited especially on the internet so the trick is to keep it short and sweet. Blogs exist to give you information you’d ordinarily miss in a snapshot…. generally. The golden rule is always to KISS (keep it simple stupid).

There are a number of blogs on the internet written by Zambians for Zambians, the problem is that there aren’t enough Zambians reading them. That is why this article is unpacking blogging for Zambia. So perhaps there is a misconception, misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of why blogs exist in the first place and why the heck people even bother to blog.

Reason number one to read blogs is because they are free! Blogs are written to give you a perspective you won’t find in the newspapers, TV, radio, Facebook or Twitter. Please note I said read blogS. 

The tone of blogs is usually conversational and the style of writing is easy to read, for the good blogs at least. Articles on blogs are more detailed and well thought out yet concise and straight to the point. This is what makes them interesting.

With all things going mobile, the pace of content consumption has risen to lightning speeds. If the first few sentences are not catchy enough then don’t waste your time. Additionally, questionable and unattractive graphics are a source of scepticism.

All it takes is a featured image to make an article on a blog enticing to read. Although, it appears blog themes can have a mind of their own when you don’t know how to code.

As a rule of thumb, I don’t write what I can’t read. This principle is also applied when editing other people’s work. If it doesn’t make sense to you then how will it make sense to somebody else?

The beauty of writing, however, is being open to constructive criticism and allowing more than one person to read your work. This way in addition to proof-reading and spell check, you’re sure that the story makes sense.

It’s a bit lame to put the main reason for this article in the conclusion. Still, that is why blogging rocks because the rules can bend.

The purpose of this article is to encourage people to read more than just one blog because there is so much useful information being missed out due to lack of curiosity.  For instance, if you are a company it would be beneficial to explain in your blog why you made certain changes even before your customers start enquiring. Therefore, rather than leaving it all up to assumptions you have taken the initiative to explain your stance while also giving a brief history of your company.

Surprisingly but impressively so, the Zambia Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) blog/website is very active and quite informative.

People are hungry for information and one easy way to feed the hunger is through blogs. They can be used to publish press releases, press statements, public apologies, company profiles, event announcements, interests and hobbies, personal reflections, and so many other things.

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Author: Imanga

Founder and Managing Editor of MANIC

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