Inside the UB40 press briefing just before the Stanbic Music Festival kickoff

Three years in a row, Stanbic Music Festival has grown more diverse than before bringing together artists of wide ranging genres who bring a legendary touch to the event. This year, the music festival hosts UB40 as the headline act alongside Zambian artists.

The music festival has attracted various groups of people who love UB40’s music. This is considering that the UK band’s music is integral to most Zambians formative years.

Speaking at the press briefing ahead of the music festival today (October, 6 ), Stanbic Bank head of Marketing Perry Siame confirmed having other attendants from Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa with other people from outside Lusaka.

And speaking at the same event, the band confirmed being the actual UB40 contrary to rumours of having another group emerge under their name.


“We have a lot of songs to sing including some tracks from the latest album ‘silhouette,’ we can’t wait for tomorrow,” said Ali from the UB40.

It is amazing to note that a legendary group looks forward to put up a great show from the words expressed ahead of the show, “we came to party and so we are inviting the Zambian people to come and party with us,” said UB40.

UB40 has played in South Africa a couple of times than in most places in Africa. Apart from just playing on many shows around Africa, many other projects have been done with a few African artists.

This year’s Stanbic Bank Music festival hashtag is #stanbicdoesmusic and you can follow the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For the first two years, this epic event was dubbed Stanbic Jazz Festival and focused more on Jazz artists as headline acts. This year, the event has evolved to a music festival to cater for wide ranging music interests of the audience. Stanbic Bank expects to continue with the music festival over the next years.

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