Which ISP offers affordable data?

In a time when internet needs have reached almost starvation levels, affordable data has fast become a necessity. It is arguable that affordable data is what everybody now needs in Zambia. Data bundles and packages across the telecoms vary in-considerably with K10 to K20 differences here and there.

This article does not provide speed comparisons because that is an article for another day. Instead, this article compares 5 Internet Service Providers which offer 4G connectivity on their network. These packages are being marketed as Home or SME bundles respectively.

Compiled on 24/11/2017

The lowest data offer is the 10GB, where Zamtel and Airtel offer the lowest price. Hai Telecom is the exception in this category as it starts at 15GB.

MTN (the prices shown via the link are different compared to dialing *335#) and Zamtel do not provide 15GB data. Hai and Vodafone offer 15GB data at K390 while Airtel offers it at K350.

As seen, the maximum data offer from all 5 ISPs is capped at 100GB. The prices differ quite insignificantly across the board except when it comes to the 50GB and 100GB. There is a difference of K999 between Vodafone’s 100GB offer and Zamtel’s offer. That is almost a full K1,000 difference!!!

Thoughts anyone?

There you have it, hopefully this breakdown gives you a clearer picture on which data package to go for.

Share your thoughts below on which ISP you think offers affordable and reliable data. We would love to hear from you!

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Author: Levy Syanseke

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  1. ravenx3l@gmail.com'

    Is the a comparison of download and upload speeds and latency for each of those networks?

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  2. deerock116@gmail.com'

    Zamtel is a non-startee. I gave them a chance and they blew it. Biddable stole my heart because of speed, but their coverage is still something that’s a bother. Airtel proves to be the better devil, one we know and understand…

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    • imangaakay@gmail.com'

      Among all the networks, Airtel might be the lesser evil like you have rightly put it. What or who is Biddable???

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  3. inferknox@gmail.com'

    This article should mention the connection type it’s refering to from each provider. As it is, it’s misleading.
    Hai Fibroniks is unlimited for K990, but their wireless is 50GB for K990.

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    • imangaakay@gmail.com'

      Hello Henri, perhaps you missed this bit in the article:

      “this article compares 5 Internet Service Providers which offer 4G connectivity on their network.”

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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  4. augustine@kingspirit.studio'

    I love this. Thank you.

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  5. bwalya.chikonde@gmail.com'

    Great analysis! I will then assume Airtel is the lowest, looking at the 10GB at K250 because Zamtel is most definitely not an option when it come to data.
    Again, if I am looking at the 100GB I would pick Airtel – to be the cheapest – because the Zamtel bundles just never work.

    So for my rating and obviously, my opinion, I go for Airtel 10GB at K250, the 100GB at K1600 and they are the cheapest for the 15GB at 350 Kwacha.

    My view is based on the challenges I have face with the 4G network regardless of the provider, data consumption is just too high. I do appreciate I will get work faster in terms of downloads but this makes it almost impossible to get smaller bundles.

    So the introduction of such bundles works very well for people like me.

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    • imangaakay@gmail.com'

      Bwalya, that is very useful feedback. However, with the new 4G migration that Airtel is undertaking don’t you think this means their data will also start getting depleted quicker. On the price front, they do seem to be the lesser evil among the ISPs. The price difference is just so depressing lol

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