A peek into the 2015 Survey on Access & Usage of ICT in Zambia

We found a gold mine on the ZICTA website containing a report on the 2015 Survey on Access and Usage of ICT in Zambia. The report contains information such as, ownership of computers, mobile phones, televisions, radios, fixed lines and so much more information.

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) in collaboration with the Central Statistical Office (CSO) and the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the month of August 2015, conducted a Survey on Access and Usage of ICT in Zambia.

The survey was a second assessment undertaken by the collaborating partners aimed at measuring progress in access and usage of ICTs by households and individuals in Zambia.

A baseline study was first carried out in 2013 in order to assess the breadth and depth of access and usage of ICT in Zambia among households and individuals. The 2015 survey explores the range of ICT services accessed by individuals and households which include mobile phone services, fixed line services, digital financial services, internet services, over the top applications and social media among others.

This article contains very short snippets of the data collected and analysed by ZICTA of the 2015 Survey on Access and Usage of ICT in Zambia.

Access to Computers by Households

There was an improvement in this segment from 4.9 % recorded in 2013 to 7.1 % in 2015. The proportion of households that use their computers to access the internet at home rose from 46.7 % of those that own computers in 2013 to 49.7 % in 2015.

Access to Mobile Phones

Around 64.5 % of households in the country have access to a mobile phone determined by at least one member of the household owning a mobile phone. Further, about 51 % of people aged above 10 years in Zambia are active users of mobile phones.

Access to Smartphones & Social Media

Only 13.5 % of the individuals that own mobile phones have smartphones. About 71 % of individuals that own smartphones use the devices to access Over The Top (OTT) applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype and Twitter for communication using instant messaging or voice calling.

The majority of internet users constituting 63 % of the internet users spend their time online on social networking sites.

Access to Internet Services

There was a marked improvement in the proportion of individuals that know how to use the internet from 4.8 percent reported in 2013 to 8.8 percent reported in 2015. The majority of the households, accounting for 71 percent of the total number of households with access to internet services, access mobile broadband services using a mobile phone.

Access to Electricity

Only 33.1 % of the households in the country are accessing power from the national grid. Twenty-nine percent access energy for powering electrical equipment through utility companies like ZESCO while a smaller proportion of households employ alternative energy sources such as solar and generators accounting for 17 % and 1 % of all households.

Access to Radio and Television

The proportion of households with a working television set dropped marginally from 35.5 % in 2013 to 33 % in 2015. Similarly, the proportion of households owning a working radio set reduced from 52.7 % in 2013 to 44.9 % in 2015. The quality of radio reception was reported to be relatively better on community radio stations than the national broadcaster, ZNBC.

Access to Fixed Line

Only about 0.3 % of all the households in the country have a functional fixed telephone line (a.k.a. landline).

The full 2015 Survey on Access & Usage of ICT in Zambia report can be downloaded here.

Source: ZICTA official website publications.

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