Part 2: How to stay motivated after starting something great

Great ideas get more complicated as time goes by. This is usually after your awesome idea has come to fruition. When you started out, you must have had big dreams that you were very excited about, maybe you still are. Once the complications appear, most people -even the brilliant ones, started to lose faith and slowly back away from the project.

Part two of “How to stay motivated after starting something great” gives you the remainder of the tips to keep you going.

c) Be proud.

It’s great to draw a line between being confident and being cocky. Being motivated requires constant confidence, in order to feel confident you need to have a high sense of pride. Be proud of who you are, what you have done, why you are doing it and how far you have come. Stay motivated by always proving skeptical people wrong. Set seemingly impossible goals for yourself and working yourself like a slave to surpass other people’s expectations. Don’t work to be praised or acknowledge but simply work your best to get the best results. When you achieve a milestone try by all means to celebrate you success alone away from prying eyes or envious ears.

d) Practice time management by fearing death.

Fear death but don’t fear dying. Make any sense? A man called Henry Rollins is known to have once said, “We have infinite potential but finite time,” and he was implying that as we live we cannot do everything we want to do but if we are careful of our time we can manage to anything we want. To stay motivated you must be willing to accept that you are vulnerable to the inevitable and balance your fears with reality. Be afraid of meeting your end without achieving what you set out to accomplish, once in a while imagine yourself on your deathbed (not pleasant but quite a useful trick) and ask yourself if you have any regrets. Realize that death is going to put an end to your aspirations and get motivated to work smart and quickly before that fateful moment arrives. The fear of death should not turn into a paranoia but a motivating reminder that time is short and only through careful time management can great things be achieved.

e) Have fun.

If you know how to have fun responsibly, you will always be motivated to do extraordinary things. Learn to listen to the little voice inside you and know what you like. It’s important to take time to rediscover what makes you laugh or what fun is to you because our idea of fun changes as we age and it becomes hard to separate what we’re supposed to like from what we actually enjoy. Additionally other people around us; especially adults, rarely approve of our idea of fun.

f) Cultivate radical friends.

We all have those crazy friends that talk about dominating the world over lunch, we have radical friends that have radical ideas and aren’t afraid to express themselves. The truth is that motivation is a careful blend of radical excitement, to stay motivated you need to cultivate friendships with talented radical people with out of the box ideas. They don’t necessarily have to be famous or great people but they should have the ability to conjure radical though provoking ideas that will inspire you to pursue your own. Achieving something great is a radical unconventional step and that is why you need to reinforce your ideas every now and then.

Being motivated will not come from meeting motivational speakers or reading countless motivational books, being motivated to achieve great things in life can only be attained when you realize that your emotions play a great role in pushing you ahead or suppressing your efforts. True motivation comes from deep within. Understand your emotions, balance them well and stay constantly motivated.

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About the author: Andrew Zaraki Nguvu is a business consultant specialized in all areas of accountancy, management, finance, sales, legal, recruitment and marketing. He is an award winning social entrepreneur, innovator and business enthusiast.

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