Fitbit Flex Hands On Review In Zambia


Last year, wearables were all the rage. It’s all about mobility now more than ever. The Fitbit Flex made quite some impressive waves being lightweight and so easy to use. Since getting my hands on the Fitbit Flex, I have never looked back. Only a little sideways towards the Moto 360 but that’s a story for another day. I even recruited my sister to the Flex family.

The Fitbit Flex is a wearable fitness tracker ideal for tracking steps, distance, and calories burned during the day. At night the Flex tracks your sleep and can wake you up with its silent alarm.

Pretty, pretty cool huh! You can log how much water intake per day, have a food plan and log your weight. It also functions as a blood pressure monitor. Depending on your fitness targets, you can set goals to achieve those targets realistically. More details of how the goal-setting works will be in the second review.

The Fitbit Flex requires two reviews because there is just too much information to cover at one-go. There would be no justice in that kind of review. Although, the internet is overwhelmed with various techie’s opinions, ours is different because it’s from a Zambian perspective using it on the ground.

The tests are hardcore, the environment unforgiving. My formerly pink, now turned brownish-pink Flex band can testify. The first review of the Fitbit Flex is about the device itself. The second review will be about the app.

Fitbit Flex


The device is appealing to the eye, usually catching people’s attention. Fancy, practical, weird random watch-band looking thing it is. The Flex comes in different colours which you have a choice to pick one upon check out.

There’s a variety ranging black, slate, violet, lime, pink, teal, tangerine, navy, red, and blue. If you pick wisely, then you will not be disappointed when you can choose from an option of three colours later on for the bands alone.

The Flex is light-weight and can be worn all day err-day. It can be worn during quick showers because it’s waterproof and so reduces the hassle of taking it off and putting it back on. This comes in handy after pounding the gym hard and all you want to do is enjoy that recovery smoothie squeaky clean.

The flashing lights when you tap it coupled with the vibration to celebrate milestone achievements are the ultimate pat on the back. Who needs people? You can take it for a run and not be bothered about something attached to your wrist. In fact, it is easy to forget that you’re wearing the Fitbit Flex.

Everything was perfect when I wasn’t wearing the Flex 24/7. Once I started crashing my goals and climbing up the ladder among my friend’s list of our stepping “competition”, I could not stop wearing the band.

I wore it consecutively for 3 weeks, took it to work with me, jogging in the morning, dancing on the weekend and only taking it off to bathe. And then on one fateful night, it itched on my left wrist! Fitbit has been a bit notorious with their devices causing skin irritation. The Fitbit Force was recalled due to the same issue. Luckily, I had no rash. It occurred to me that if I did get a rash then I deserved it at the rate I was wearing this plastic band.

Photo Credit: Fitbit Flex Facebook

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Author: Imanga

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