Expect public transport fares to increase in the next few weeks

Expect an increase in public transport fares as well as the increase in the prices of certain goods. By how much, it’s not yet certain! The Transport and Communications Minister confirmed the possible increase saying it is expected that the public transport sector will ask for an increase.

In an interview with Manic, Transport and Communications Minister,  Brian Mushimba revealed that fuel prices play a key role in determining the increase or reduction in bus fares.

He said the increase in fuel prices announced by the Energy Regulations Board (ERB) will trigger an increase in bus and taxi fares.

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With players in the public transport sector already airing out their concerns on the burden that increase in fuel prices has on their profit.

“As a ministry we are expecting an increase suggested by the association, because you know fuel is a major input in the costing structure for public transportation. So when you have an increase like we have seen, I would not be surprised if associations come to the ministry with an upward suggestion. We just have to manage the quantum of that suggestion that will come to the office,” Mr. Mushimba explained.

The minister noted that the increase will be guided by his ministry to ensure that the burden is not entirely placed on the consumer.

“What we usually  do with the transport sector is we have to check the quantum of the increase in the prices of fuel and see what impact it has on the cost and profit and then we can agree on an amount that share the burden.

“Because this burden is not only on the owners of the vessels that are used in public transport and not only on the consumers. So we need to find a way to spread so that the consumers are not adversely impacted or the burden does not all go to the consumers only,” Mr. Mushimba added.

With this increase all that is expected is that the increase in the public transport will not adversely affect the consumers.

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Author: Levy Syanseke

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