Will you be breaking the law after the TPIN deadline – 31st March?

On January 1st 2017, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) announced that it was mandatory and, by law, that you should get a TPIN if you have a bank account. By now you should know that the TPIN deadline is 31st March. If you haven’t done so yet, do you know you will be contravening the law after 31st March?

As of January 2018, ZRA had issued 330 000 TPINs to bank account holders with the majority having obtained their TPINs through the ZRA website.

However, ZRA has revealed that it has no capacity to take legal action against those who will not have TPINs by March 31st.

The comment comes following media reports that ZRA will freeze bank accounts of those without the TPINs.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said the role of ZRA with regards to TPINs is only issuing the TPINs to bank account holders.

He explained that the law is clear that every bank account holder should have a TPIN adding that if someone does not have one, they are going against the law.

“At times people have attributed statements that are not from ZRA, but ZRA will not freeze bank accounts, it has no capacity to do that. The role of ZRA is just to give the TPINs and the law is very clear that whoever does not have the TPIN by that day, they will be going against the law. They will be contravening the law, that’s all,” Mr. Sikalinda said.

He further noted that for people opening bank accounts after 31st March, 2018 will be required to get a TPIN first as one of the requirements.

“There are people who will turn that age (new bank account holders) after the day and will issue the TPIN to them as it is an ongoing process. So after 31st if someone opens a bank account, they will first have to get a TPIN just like someone should have an NRC as a requirement before getting a bank account,” Mr. Sikalinda explained.

He has urged bank account holders to take action before the TPIN deadline comes to pass.

If you have registered for a TPIN and don’t know if you have one, click here to check.

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Author: Levy Syanseke

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